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High Desert Racing Assn. (HDRA) is a professional off-road racing organization based in Las Vegas, NV. HDRA currently sanctions off-road racing events in both Nevada and California. Their 2012 schedule includes five races ranging from 10-12 mile multi-lap DesertCross courses all the way to a 500-mile long distance cross-country desert race.

High Desert Racing Assn. was founded by Walt Lott in the mid- 70’s, and soon became one of the premier off-road sanctioning bodies in the sport. After Mr. Lott’s untimely passing, the organization underwent several transitions and faded from the desert racing scene in the 90’s.

HDRA was re-introduced to the desert racing scene in late 2011 by long time desert racing enthusiasts Roger Norman, Robert Gross and Ken Flippin. Together with a core group of other experienced desert racing personnel, HDRA is committed to move desert racing to new dimensions. Their focus is desert racing FOR RACERS… BY RACERS.

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